Saturday, 5 January 2008

First Post

Welcome to Shivering Monkey - bananas about travel!
This wee monkey has been a few places in her life - from the Andean foothills on horseback to the frozen-in-time Hearst Castle in San Simeon.
A charity hike in Peru to reach Machu Picchu - the lost city of the Incas - is next on the list. Meantime I'll tell you about feeling about as significant as an ant at the spectacular Iguazu falls in Argentina, doing Disney in style in Florida and learning to ski in Switzerland.
I might even reveal the club in Barcelona where the hot barmen all strip at 4am...
Join in if you feel inspired to do some monkeying around yourself!


Adina said...

I have bookmarked your blog. Will be exciting to read a traveler's log!

Kim said...

Thanks Adina - I hope you enjoy it! Kim